The first time we made love

I realised why I never prayed.

One human can only say 'Oh God' so many times



How many times can you go to heaven in one day?



I love discovering the dynamics between different people.

When we meet the first thing you will notice is that I am very natural.

If I feel nervous I will tell you. If I feel extra sexual I will show you.

Either way one thing that I am always: a pleaser.

I love meeting people through this page.

It strips all the 'if's' and 'how's'

and leaves clear path to pleasure and excitment. 





I like to think of myself as the GFE expert... who is not a pro.

I just know what the other person wants.

I can read into small signals and signs and make the hour, 

or the night exactly how you desired it to be. 

That is why also I get quite few complements about my massaging skills.

I can imagine what would feel good and how to do it...

and the same goes for other skills too


Also, I love being tied down and fucked hard.

(That escalated quickly huh?)

But that's reserved for people who have seen me in the past.

Regular friends with whom trust needed to perform such activities

 was established so we both feel comfortable and safe! 

Of course if you like me to tie you down and cover your eyes..

tease you until you beg me to fuck you...

then that's absolutely doable!

© 2020 by  Nikola R.

Nikita Raisa

SE1 London