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The 26th July 2020

Message from Z. after our date: 

'Hi Niki, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the most wonderful afternoon. I enjoyed our time together so much. You're so much fun to be around and really easy to talk to and that's not even to mention all the other stuff we got up to! It's lucky I have to wear a mask on the Tube because I'm still smiling like a crazy person! Time just seemed to fly! It was honestly one of my favourite ever booking today and I'm so grateful for that! I'll definitely be in touch as soon as I can for another meeting, so I can't wait to see you again soon. Every best wish until then, Z.'

The 10th March 2020

'PhysicalScore: 10/10

Beautiful eyes which are accompanied by a stunning smile. Toned and fit with the softest skin I've ever touched
Upon arrival Nikita changed into her rock chic outfit which blew me away. Saying that when she changed back into her everyday clothes she still blew me away.

PersonalityScore: 10/10

Nikita has an easy going, fun and interesting personality. Everything flows so naturally with Nikita that you easily forget that you are her client.

About the Meeting Score: 10/10

I'm not going to go into explicit details but treat Nikita in the manner that she deserves and the two of you click, well you are in for a super hot time!  She has an uncanny knack of quickly figuring out what your likes are.
The only negative thing to note is that with Nikita time passes way too quickly and you'll end up wishing that you arranged to meet for longer.
It would be impossible for Nikita to have enjoyed the evening half as much as I did. 
Nikita arrived on time but with her smile you would quickly forgive her for being late!' ~ M. P.

The 7th January 2020

'Physical Score: 10/10

Niki is a beautiful girl with a stunning smile. She doesn't show face pictures on her page but you will not be disappointed.She has beautiful green eyes and lovely long blonde hair, which also looks great up! Niki has a stunning figure with fantastic legs and a beautiful peachy bottom. Niki dressed as requested and certainly did not disappoint! Her pictures and profile are accurate and if anything don't do her justice.

Personality Score: 10/10

Niki has an engaging personality from the minute you meet her. She makes you feel instantly comfortable and you'll love the smile. Great choice in music, great sense of humour and very friendly. Exceeded my expectations.

About the Meeting Score: 10/10

The services are accurately reflected in Niki's profile.' ~ S

The 19th December 2019 

'Physical Score: 10/10

Nikita's pictures hide her best features. She does have an alternative look with a few well-placed tattoos, and her face is extremely alluring. Very much a look I enjoy. She asked if I had any outfit requests which she met perfectly. I especially enjoyed her toned back and one of the best asses I've ever seen. I could not have been more pleased with her tanned skin, perky breasts and full, toned rear.

Personality Score: 10/10

Nikita is very warm. Not mindlessly bubbly, but inviting and open. Engaged and inviting attitude. A pleasure to speak with - could have spoken with her for hours. 

About the Meeting Score: 10/10

I wasn't looking for anything particularly unique, and I didn't have to. Only light submission talk on my part. Very pleasurable. It didn't occur to me to ask whether she was interested in special services - and it wasn't relevant.' ~ E

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Nikita Raisa

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