'I don't have a type. But if I did, it would be you'.

25 years old half British, half Polish ball of energy, wit and curiosity. 

Long, blonde, silky hair.

Green, big eyes.

168cm 5'6" size 10.

I have few tastefully placed tattoos and piercings which I do not show 

on pictures just like I do not show my face.

For privacy reasons. 

As I have one of those unforgettable tattoos... and faces. 

Smooth, firm, olive skin and sex appeal thanks to my Polish side.

Fluency in English and banter thanks to my British side. 

I have quite few hobbies. This being one of them. 

I also love travelling, outdoor sports, reading books(fantasy and thrillers mostly!),

going to music concerts, and festivals. 

I have always been into sports especially martial arts, so if you fancy a wrestling session in bed- I'm your girl! 

Discovering and experiencing new places, restaurants and bars.

I enjoy spontaneous trips and dates just as much as curling up in a blanket and 

watching a good movie with a glass of wine. 

© 2020 by  Nikola R.

Nikita Raisa

SE1 London